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Brendan Fraser Batgirl
1 day ago no Comment

Brendan Fraser has been cast in Warner Bros. and DC Films’ Batgirl. This comes following news that the film will premiere exclusively on HBO Max, and In the Heights star Leslie Grace would play Batgirl/Barbara Gordon. Fraser’s role in the movie hasn’t been officially disclosed, but Deadline’s sources expect him to play the villainous Firefly. Adil El Arbi …

Doom Patrol 1917 Patrol
2 days ago no Comment

*SPOILERS* “1917 Patrol” finds Rita near the end of her journey in Laura’s time machine. Her memory is wiped by the time she arrives in 1917 Iowa. She encounters a farmer’s wife who calls the Bureau of Normalcy on her. The Brotherhood of Evil watches as Rita is taken away. Meanwhile, Larry cares for his …

Amphibia Fight at the Museum/Temple Frogs
3 days ago no Comment

*SPOILERS* In “Fight at the Museum,” Anne stays up all night researching how to get the Plantars home. Anne’s mom sends her and the Plantars to the museum so Anne can catch up on schoolwork and mom can clean the house. At the museum, Anne finds a pot with a picture of an Amphibian frog. …

Hayden Christensen Ahsoka Series
3 days ago no Comment

On Friday, October 22nd, The Hollywood Reporter broke news that Hayden Christensen will appear in the Disney+ Ahsoka Tano series in his role of Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader. Christensen will play against Rosario Dawson’s iteration of Anakin’s Padawan, a role she took on for season 2 of The Mandalorian. The series will be written by Ahsoka’s …

AHS Blue Moon Future Perfect
4 days ago no Comment

*SPOILERS* “Blue Moon” finds President Eisenhower in negotiations with the aliens to sign a new treaty. While he’s reluctant at first, they threaten to kill his possessed wife, and he acquiesces. Valiant Thor (Cody Fern) arrives to “process” the harvest and provide the promised technology. Meanwhile, the newly restored Mamie seeks to popularize Halloween among …

Young Justice Volatile
6 days ago no Comment

*SPOILERS* “Volatile” opens on a flashback to Gar’s time leading the Outsiders on Earth. When he comes to, he reiterates the need to re-establish contact with Earth. M’gann and Conner encourage him to help them with the investigation as his irritability and headaches intensify. Bioship tells M’gann that she wants to retire and send her …

American Crime Story, The Assassination of Monica Lewinsky
6 days ago no Comment

*SPOILERS* “The Assassination of Monica Lewinsky” opens with Paula Jones and Bill Clinton’s second deposition. President Clinton emphatically denies ever having harassed Mrs. Jones and having an affair with Monica Lewinsky. Monica and her mother meet with Monica’s lawyer, and he assures her she won’t go to jail. Michael Isikoff’s boss informs him that they …

Cowboy Bebop Trailer
1 week ago 1 Comment

This Tuesday, October the 19th, Netflix released a new trailer for Cowboy Bebop. The clip features the original series’ opening theme juxtaposed with action sequences from the live-action reimagining. We get a good look at Spike, Faye, and Jet in action, and a brief glimpse of Vicious. The series will star John Cho as Spike …

Amphibia Thai Feud/Adventures in Catsitting
1 week ago no Comment

*SPOILERS* “Thai Feud” is a Sprig-centric episode centering on his desire to be part of the Boonchuy family. When Anne goes with her mom to work at the family’s Thai restaurant, Sprig tags along to ingratiate himself. Anne’s mom just wants Sprig to stay out of trouble, but their #1 customer, Ned (Wayne Knight), presents …

Young Justice Phantoms, Inhospitable and Needful
1 week ago 2 Comments

HBO Max released the first two episodes of Young Justice Season 4: Phantoms early on Saturday, October 16th, as part of DC’s FanDome event. Earlier this year, I binged the first three seasons of the series and was hooked. I had heard good things but always avoided it because the premise of a team of sidekicks didn’t appeal to …

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