Person Who Accused JK Rowling of Holocaust Denial Forced to Apologize

JK Rowling is following through on her threats to take legal action against some of her more deranged slanderers. On March 14, 2024, Rivkah Brown, a commissioning editor at some nutty left-wing news outlet called Novara Media, said that because the Harry Potter author questioned whether the Nazis targeted trans people, she was a Holocaust denier. Rowling saw this absurd comment and reposted it, offering to discuss Holocaust denial “in court.” She also noted that this wack job celebrated the October 6, 2023, terrorist attack against Israel and was “forced to apologise for it.”

JK Rowling HolocaustWell, today, Brown posted this:

I know this isn’t funny, but also, this is pretty funny. Okay, that’s not true; it’s extremely funny. It’s beyond gratifying to watch these miserable thugs who think they’re untouchable because the media and public figures cheer them on suddenly get slapped in the face with reality. You can’t call someone something like that based on “evidence” that’s so insane it effectively disproves itself and expect to get away with it. People are calling JK Rowling all sorts of things because she refuses to pretend she’s crazy, as society demands at the moment. And you can call her made-up nonsense like “Terf” because it’s basically meaningless, but the term “Holocaust denier” is serious; it can destroy someone’s reputation and career opportunities (that Rowling will never need those again is not the point), so you’d better have good standing to use it. That this accusation came from someone who apparently cheered on the biggest mass murder of Jewish people since the Holocaust is a despicable irony, but par for the course for these types. Beyond that, is this really the road the trans movement wants to go down? Making the Holocaust all about you is not going to endear you to anyone. So, it’s funny and satisfying (and funny) to watch the person who made this comment have to backtrack publicly, and it’s good to see someone with Rowling’s resources demonstrating that these smug wannabe bullies are not so tough after all.

And did I mention how funny it is?

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