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Dan Slott Goes After She-Hulk Detractors on Twitter

She-Hulk, the TV show, is getting help from the comics. Dan Slott, comic book writer and unhinged social media personality, tweeted a tirade against people who didn’t like the Disney+ series. He began by arguing that it was comics-accurate – the most comics-accurate MCU series of all – but seg...

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James Gunn’s DC Movies Won’t Have Studio Interference

DC Studios has no leash, according to a comment James Gunn made on Mastodon, a social media site I only heard of because Gunn joined it. (It appears he feels safer there than on Twitter, where he was compelled to denounce fans who disagreed with him about firing Henry Cavill; has anyone ever lost th...

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James Gunn Fires Back at Fans

Remember Tom Cruise’s gracious thank-you to fans from, like, thirty seconds ago? James Gunn decided to remind us why we need to relish that man and his attitude. In the wake of Henry Cavill’s dismissal from playing Superman, a lot of DC fans were less than thrilled, and they made their feelings ...

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Patty Jenkins Speaks About Wonder Woman 3

Patty Jenkins has spoken about her break with DC Studios. It was recently revealed that Jenkins, who directed and co-wrote Wonder Woman and Wonder Woman 1984, would not return for another film starring the comic book icon when her script for Wonder Woman 3 was rejected. While initial reports said th...

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James Gunn Talks Superman, Henry Cavill, and Green Lantern

James Gunn is tweeting again, although what he “revealed” about his DC plans should have been pretty obvious to anyone paying a modicum of attention. It all started with a seemingly innocent post about Superman, the 1978 classic from Richard Donner. Plenty of people posted about the anniversary ...

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Jennifer Lawrence Thinks She Was the First Female Action Hero

Jennifer Lawrence is perhaps the most important woman in Hollywood history. But don’t take my word for it – Lawrence herself has assured us of this, declaring herself the very first female action hero ever to lead a movie in an interview with Variety – actually, more of a conversation with Vio...

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