Sweet Baby Inc. Detected Discord Server Hacked

Remember what Alfred said about reprisals and acts of desperation in The Dark Knight? One of the reasons a lot of the best movies resonate is that you see their themes play out in real life. This morning, Kabrutus, creator of the Sweet Baby Inc. Detected curator and the new DEI Detected website, announced on X that his Sweet Baby Inc. Detected Discord server had been hacked via an admin account. The hacker then “nuked numerous channels… banned our full list of creators and devs plus around 2000 more people.” Kabrutus says his staff was able to put a stop to it, and they are currently fixing the damage and unbanning members. You can see his post below:

Kabrutus also says that he has verified this was not the work of some random troublemaker but a targeted attack, likely because of his work exposing Sweet Baby Inc. and other woke video game consulting firms.

This sucks, and I’m sorry Kabrutus, his team, and his followers have to deal with it, but it also strikes me as another sign that he’s having an impact on the gaming industry. The other side of this has been acting aggressively lately, with a Kotaku writer harassing a content creator’s wife and Mark Kern, the former Blizzard producer who goes by Grummz on social media, being falsely accused of sexual assault. These are despicable things to do, and considering some of the results of guys like Kabrutus and Kern – Kotaku laying off staff, game developers telling Kabrutus they’re removing Sweet Baby Inc.’s influence from their yet-to-be-released games, Sony relenting to gamers who fought back against a PSN account being required to play Helldivers 2, Warner Bros. CEO David Zaslav blaming Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League for losing the company $200 million – I wonder if these are the desperate actions of a cornered animal. People resort to these tactics when they’ve lost – or cannot win – the argument. I hope it stops here, but we’ll see how long these death throes last, especially now that gamers know they can win.

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May 15, 2024 at 10:18 am

Every parasite hates being detected. That’s why they start a cyberwar now.

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