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Sweet Baby Inc. Detected Discord Server Hacked

Remember what Alfred said about reprisals and acts of desperation in The Dark Knight? One of the reasons a lot of the best movies resonate is that you see their themes play out in real life. This morning, Kabrutus, creator of the Sweet Baby Inc. Detected curator and the new DEI Detected website, ann...

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Stuttering Craig Wants to Take Games Back

The rot in the video game industry and the journalists who cover it has reached critical mass. Apathy is rapidly fading in lieu of anger, and with it, a restlessness to do something about it. Stuttering Craig, co-founder of ScrewAttack, current host of the Side Scrollers podcast, and lifelong gamer...

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Sweet Baby Inc. Does Exactly What Gamers Think They Do

The Sweet Baby Inc. story isn’t going away, and now, gaming journalists are putting their shields up around the consultants. Earlier today, Kotaku published an article defending Sweet Baby Inc. and claiming to set the record straight and educate video game fans who don’t understand what Sweet Ba...

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