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Sweet Baby Inc. Employee Contacts Former Employer of Jeff from SmashTV

The video game journalists/developers/consultants are stepping up their attacks on the other side of what they’ve designated GamerGate 2 (all the while oblivious to the movement’s true mastermind). Their current number-one target seems to be Jeff from Smash JT. Jeff is a figure similar to former...

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Kotaku Writer Challenges Gamers to a Fight, Then Changes her Mind

Want to see one of the funnier stories in the cold war between gamers and games journalists? Don’t worry; it won’t take long. This is the saga of Alyssa Mercante throwing down the gauntlet to gamers… and then quickly picking it back up. You remember Alyssa Mercante, right? She’s the Kotaku j...

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Sweet Baby Inc. Detected Discord Server Hacked

Remember what Alfred said about reprisals and acts of desperation in The Dark Knight? One of the reasons a lot of the best movies resonate is that you see their themes play out in real life. This morning, Kabrutus, creator of the Sweet Baby Inc. Detected curator and the new DEI Detected website, ann...

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Kotaku Writer Targets YouTuber’s Wife, Game Dev Calls for More

I doubt anyone thought games journalists and the woker among gaming developers would have a sobering moment of reflection following this weekend’s demonstration of how little influence they have over gamers, but you won’t believe how deranged they’ve become. SmashTV is the brand of Jeff, a for...

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The Aftermath of the Helldivers 2 Win

UPDATE: The screenshot posts from Kotaku writer Alyssa Mercante below were specifically about Saavy|Artist asking Arrowhead CEO Johan Pilestedt some questions, and Pilestedt answering them and thanking her for being polite in her discourse. It’s unclear whether this happened before or after Sony�...

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The Woke Takeover of Video Games | The GamerGate 2 Report

This article is part of a larger series, The GamerGate 2 Report. Check out the first article here. Please, play nice and do your own research. Sweet Baby Inc. Detected has rekindled the media’s outspoken hatred of gamers, finally giving us a long sought-after sequel: GamerGate 2. The woke mind vir...

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