Harry Potter Magic Awakened Debuts Globally June 27th

Magic Awakened, the latest Portkey mobile game, launches globally on June 27th, and fans seem intrigued! Check out the launch trailer below:

Fans will notice that this art style is quite different from previous Harry Potter games, both mobile and console/PC. It is very similar to Tim Burton’s style, or even some anime. It appears that players have the option to play a new campaign, which involves finding some witch named Ivy, or replay the Harry Potter stories. Oddly enough, Hagrid is very involved in the story, including Dueling Club… that in itself makes no sense.

However, I noticed something very ironic:

The terms “witch” and “wizard” are present, even after all the “controversy” regarding Harry Potter creator J.K. Rowling and the latest video game, Hogwarts Legacy, has caused. Will this game follow in Hogwarts Legacy’s footsteps and call your main character a “they/them?” Time will tell.

Will you be playing Magic Awakened?

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