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Doug Ernst’s Soulfinder: Demon’s Match IGG Comic Book Campaign is Here!

The history of the consumer hashtag #ComicsGate is a complicated one. But there’s a group of people who have certainly impacted the development of the struggle to make comic books great and viable again; Capn’ Cummings, Englentine from I Love Comics, Captain Frugal, and Washington Times ...

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Why I’m Excited: Downcast

I’ve never been one for crowdfunding. Before this year, the only crowdfunding effort I had ever been involved with didn’t go well, and I had pretty much decided not to engage in the idea again. However, after discovering Cyberfrog and Downcast over the last few months, I’ve had to revise my pr...

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Cyberfrog: Bloodhoney Indiegogo Campaign

 Followers of the ComicsGate movement online should be no strangers to the name Ethan Van Sciver, as he and several other talents have been making waves online over the last few months with the rapid ascent of their indie, crowd-funded comic book projects on the Indiegogo platform. Last night wrapp...

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