Soska Sisters Announce Bloodruth, Their Next Rippaverse Book

On the heels of their million-dollar-and-counting Rippaverse debut, Yaira #1 (which you can pre-order here), Jen and Sylvia Soska have officially announced their next book under Eric July’s indie comic label: Bloodruth #1.  Details are scant at the moment, but Bloodruth will be a horror comic, which is right up the Soska Sisters’ alley, as they wrote and directed horror movies like Dead Body in the Trunk, American Mary, and Rabid. This announcement is also special for the Rippaverse because Bloodruth is being drawn by the winner of the Isom #2 fan art contest, Michael Montenat. Sydnee Bloodruth made her debut in Isom #2, where she was introduced as an ally of Isom with magical abilities. You can see the Bloodruth #1 announcement video below:

The Soska Sisters are hitting the Rippaverse ground running. The release date for Bloodruth #1 is humorously bleeped out of the announcement video, but in addition to Sylvia Soska saying, “This…”  just before the tone, the end of the video declares that the book will be released sometime in 2024. I’d bet on the fall; the next campaign from the Rippaverse will be Goodyng: The Plolymath by writer Mike Baron and artist Will Conrad, and since the Yaira #1 campaign ends on May 25, 2024, Goodyng will likely launch in the summer. This summer will also see the launch of Horseman from Alphacore writer Chuck Dixon and artist Joe Bennett. Moreover, since Bloodruth is a horror comic, it makes sense to capitalize on Halloween. And based on the quick glimpse at the artwork, it looks like Bloodruth is embracing the horror element, with lots of blood imagery and some devil-looking monster dancing with what appears to be a corpse. I like that the artist was chosen through a fan contest, too; July is using the Rippaverse’s success to help other burgeoning creators break into the business, something he’s also doing through his Rippasend service. And Bloodruth is another first for the Rippaverse because it will be the fourth campaign for the company this year, the most yet. The Rippaverse is growing quickly, and so far, fans are happy to see it.

Also, there’s another fan art contest for Yaira #1, so if you’ve got some talent and think you could draw for the Rippaverse, you can enter here.

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March 18, 2024 at 7:36 pm

Pretty hyped for Bloodruth. One of my favourite parts of Isom #2.

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