Eric July Launches Rippasend Fulfillment Service

Eric July wants to make sure the rising tide of the Rippaverse lifts all boats. Today, July announced the Rippaverse’s next venture: Rippasend. Rippasend is a fulfillment service where July and his team will utilize their infrastructure and the skills they learned since the Rippaverse’s inception to help other independent creators distribute their products “under the Rippaverse publishing brand.” Rippasend can be a publisher, a delivery and fulfillment service, a host for online campaigns, or a consultant, depending on the individual customer’s needs, with pricing tailored to each service. July explains how Rippasend works in the video below:

Rippasend is a fantastic idea. Based on the success of their comic book campaigns and their many satisfied customers, it’s clear that the Rippaverse is adept at handling the business end of the comics industry, particularly fulfillment. But as Eric July explains in the video, it didn’t happen overnight; it required a lot of research and, I’m sure, trial and error. (Remember when PayPal held his money hostage?) Now that he and the Rippaverse team know what they’re doing, they’ve got a whole new business avenue they can utilize, making their infrastructure work for them beyond simply publishing and fulfilling their own orders.

In a larger sense, though, Rippasend will benefit the burgeoning independent comic book scene by helping creators get their work into their customers’ hands. It’s common knowledge that artists typically aren’t good businessmen; that’s why writers have agents, publicists, and publishers. An independent creator is starting at a disadvantage because they’ve got to figure out the business end on their own, and navigating that aspect of the industry can be an insurmountable obstacle – or, worse, it could be discouraging for those who are considering taking the leap. Having something like Rippasend take care of the practical end while the artist focuses on their art will allow more creatives to flourish, particularly if they learn from the Rippaverse team – which Rippasend is designed to allow them to do – and become their own publishers and fulfillment agents down the road. Then, it’s on to the next guy, and the guy after him. That’s how an industry grows, and if the independent comic scene (although Eric July says Rippasend clients don’t just have to be comic book creators) is going to become a true competitor for Marvel and DC beyond the Rippaverse juggernaut, it’s going to need that practical foundation.

To that end, the first creator to sign on with Rippasend is Geeks + Gamers’ own Drunk3PO, aka Jay David! Jay’s first graphic novel, Achromatic Chronicles: Blue, earned $107,300 in its IndieGoGo campaign, and Anochromatic Chronicles: Green, the next installment in his planned six-book series, will be published by Rippasend and available for purchase later this year! Good luck, Jay, good luck to Eric and crew, and good luck to all future Rippasend clients.

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