Rippaverse Teams with McFarlane Toys for Yaira Statue

The Rippaverse is branching out, and it’s forging some prestigious business alliances. Today, Eric July’s indie comics company announced that it has partnered with McFarlane Toys for a Yaira statue. This  1:6 statue is made of resin and stands approximately 12.7 inches tall. Yaira is the star of the Rippaverse’s latest comic book campaign, Yaira #1, which ends on March 27, 2024. McFarlane Toys is the toy brand of Todd McFarlane, a comic book writer and artist who, among many accomplishments, created the 90s sensation Spawn and was a beloved artist on The Amazing Spider-Man, where he was the first artist to draw Venom. (He also did some work with Batman on Detective Comics, where he got to practice those wild capes that would become a Spawn staple.) You can see the Yaira statue announcement video below, as well as a message from Eric July about how, demand depending, this is only the beginning:

What’s really funny is that Eric July hinted at a collaboration with McFarlane Toys a while back while appearing on Midnight’s Edge:

If you’ve never dabbled in action figures, you may not know much about McFarlane Toys, but they’ve been making incredible figures and statues since the mid-90s, from Spawn-related toys to licensed movie and sports figures. If you scroll through their repertoire, you won’t be surprised by the level of detail on the Yaira statue. Teaming up with McFarlane was a great move for the Rippaverse and is the latest in a series of expansions for the company beyond comic books, including animation and a shipping service. The video is a good indication of how collaborations like this come about and how business decisions are often made through trial and error. Partnering with McFarlane Toys is a big win for the Rippaverse, especially if they end up making action figures, in which case they’ll be made by one of the best toy companies out there.

You can pre-order a Yaira statue here, but keep in mind that this is a limited edition; no more than 1,050 statues will be made. If you want one, it’s best to order now. And you can still pre-order Yaira #1 right here. And if you want to hang out with Eric July and others from the Rippaverse, as well as some folks from Geeks + Gamers, Nerdrotic, Side Scrollers, and more, you can reserve a spot at the Rippaverse x Friday Night Tights x Geeks + Gamers Dallas meetup.

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June 16, 2024 at 9:07 am

Super excited for this

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