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PayPal is Holding Rippaverse Funds

When you fight the system, the system fights back. In a video made earlier tonight, Eric July told his supporters that PayPal flagged the Rippaverse account because of, it claims, the huge and sudden influx of money, placing the funds on hold. They asked July to provide certain information for verif...

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Rippaverse Revenue Goes Over $2 million!

It hasn’t even been a week since Eric July launched his self-published comic company, The Rippaverse, and $2 million of total revenue has already been surpassed. The initial campaign goal of $100,000 in 70+ days was eclipsed in just one day with over $1 million in revenue. Currently, the perce...

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Eric July Beats Star Wars

As we celebrate Eric July’s success with the Rippaverse ($1,121,477.37 and counting!), there’s a funny wrinkle to this story that makes his triumph even more satisfying. Toy company Hasbro had a similar crowdfunding campaign, this one for a “Star Wars The Black Series Reva (The Third Sister) F...

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The Rippaverse Just Made One Million Dollars

The Rippaverse is a bonafide phenomenon. Eric July’s comic book label is less than 48 hours old, and it just generated $1 million in sales on just one issue of one comic. That’s a monumental achievement for an independent comic book publisher and something the big companies can’t afford to ign...

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Rippaverse Launches to Astonishing Sales

Today is the official launch day for the Rippaverse, Eric July’s independent comic book line, and his detractors are already crying in their Cheerios. The Rippaverse website is now up and running, and the first issue of the initial comic release, titled Isom, is available to order in three differe...

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Eric July Launches The Rippaverse

Eric July is joining a revolution, and he’s coming out of the gate as a general. After teasing a foray into comic books for some time, July has officially announced Rippaverse Comics, his self-created comic line. If you watch his YouTube videos or subscribe to his podcast, For Canon’s Sake (and ...

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