Freaky Friday 2 is in Production

Deadline reports that Nisha Ganatra is directing a sequel to 2003’s Freaky Friday from a script by Jordan Weiss, with stars Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan in talks to return. The plot is unknown at this time, but they’re aiming for a summer shoot in Los Angeles. Freaky Friday, about a mother and daughter who find themselves in each other’s bodies, was based on a children’s book by Mary Rodgers and was also turned into a movie in 1976 with Barbara Harris and Jodie Foster in the lead roles. Nisha Ganatra previously directed the films Late Night and The High Note, as well as episodes of various television shows – including Dollface, which was created by Freaky Friday 2 screenwriter Jordan Weiss.

I’m actually surprised they’re doing this. I liked Freaky Friday when I was a kid, and it was relatively new, but I had no idea it was popular or relevant enough to warrant a sequel. I would have to watch it again, but I somehow doubt it holds up well to re-watches now. I don’t feel strongly about them doing a sequel, but I probably won’t bother watching it.

Did you like Freaky Friday? Are you looking forward to seeing the sequel? Let us know in the comments!

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March 30, 2024 at 11:10 am

My prediction for the plot with no commentary:

Lindsay Lohan or her mother is not being accepting of their child who is a trans-woman. Whichever of them is not being accepting switches places with them and learns how hard their life is. The one who is not part of the switch is in on to what is happening and has to help out with “whacky hijinks” ensuing.

I am 100% certain that that will be the exact plot.

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