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More Images from Ghostbusters: Frozen Kingdom, Courtesy of Total Film

The promotional push for Ghostbusters: Frozen Kingdom has been more hardcore than I’d have anticipated. Aside from the expected trailers and posters, Sony has been releasing plenty of images from the movie, with the previous batch coming from Empire magazine. This new release is through another ...

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Chrissie Mayr Attacked After Comedy Show

Unfortunately, the practice of attacking comedians over their jokes seems to be gaining traction. On February 24, 2024, Chrissie Mayr, who is known for her edgy brand of comedy, finished a performance at The Dojo of Comedy in Morris Plains, New Jersey, and while she was attending a meet and greet, s...

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Boy Kills World Trailer is Overflowing with Style

If you’ve ever wanted your life narrated by  a video game voiceover, Roadside Attractions has the movie for you. Today, Roadside released a trailer for their upcoming action film Boy Kills World. The directorial debut of Moritz Mohr, Boy Kills World follows a nameless boy in a fascist, dystopian...

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Wil Wheaton has a Meltdown Over Larry David Choking Elmo

If you can say anything for Wil Wheaton, it’s that he’s spent the decades after Star Trek: The Next Generation vindicating everyone who hated Wesley Crusher (which was pretty much everyone who watched the show). I haven’t paid much attention to him since then – like the rest of the world ...

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RUMOR: Disney Wants Ayo Edebiri for Pirates of the Caribbean Reboot

A new pirate captain may be swigging down the rum soon. A new report from insider Daniel Richtman (via CBR because Richtman’s blog is behind a paywall) says that Disney is preparing to reboot the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise with a new lead, and they want Ayo Edebiri to play the role. Edebi...

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Beetlejuice Sequel Gets a Title and Poster

Warner Bros. is summoning a specter with the title of one of its biggest 2024 releases. A new poster reveals that the Beetlejuice sequel will be called Beetlejuice Beetlejuice. This refers to the way the titular “bio-exorcist” is either called forth or banished: by saying his name three times. T...

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