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Freaky Friday 2 is in Production

Deadline reports that Nisha Ganatra is directing a sequel to 2003’s Freaky Friday from a script by Jordan Weiss, with stars Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan in talks to return. The plot is unknown at this time, but they’re aiming for a summer shoot in Los Angeles. Freaky Friday, about a moth...

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A Halloween TV Series is Coming

Remember Halloween Ends, the movie they said would definitively end the Michael Myers story? Well, if anyone bought that line, they’re in for a shock, because a Halloween TV series is on its way. In an interview with Deadline, Marc Helwig, Head of Worldwide Television at Miramax, talked about a f...

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REVIEW: Haunted Mansion (2023)

I saw Haunted Mansion this weekend. Coming out a week after “Barbenheimer,” I didn’t expect anything from this film, and I don’t think anyone else did, either. Pirates of the Caribbean notwithstanding, Disney’s theme park adaptations don’t tend to do well finan...

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Haunted Mansion Final Trailer Reaction

Today, Disney released the final trailer for Haunted Mansion, a remake of The Haunted Mansion, which arrived in theaters twenty years ago in 2003, and starred Eddie Murphy, Jennifer Tilly, and Terence Stamp. The latest of their attempts to adapt their theme park rides into successful films, Haunted ...

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REVIEW: Halloween Ends (2022)

It’s been a week since Halloween Ends was released in theaters, and I know I’m late on this review. Please accept my apologies, readers, as for some reason, I thought the film came out the same weekend as Black Adam and not the week before. And, to be fully transparent, I was a bit hesitant &hel...

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Halloween Ends Trailer Reaction

It’s July, which means it’s Halloween. Once again, I don’t make the rules. Now that the Fourth of July is over, fall and spooky décor have started appearing in stores, theme parks are putting up their decorations, somewhere there’s a girl making a pumpkin spice latte, and Mi...

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