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Marvel Hires Fantastic Four Writers

Marvel’s First Family has its screenwriters. Deadline exclusively reports that Jeff Kaplan and Ian Springer have been tapped to write the script for Fantastic Four – in fact, they’ve been working on the film for a while, as well as helping Kevin Feige to plot out how “this next series of fil...

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Enter a Strange World With Trailer #2

Today, Disney released the second trailer for Strange World, their upcoming animated feature. Starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Lucy Liu, Dennis Quaid, and more, Strange World tells the story of a family of adventurers who venture beyond the world they know. This newest trailer shows that Liu’s char...

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Is Marvel Close to Casting Mr. Fantastic?

We could be close to having an official Mr. Fantastic. In an episode of his Marvelvision podcast, Devin Faraci – formerly of Birth.Movies.Death. (which was previously Badass Digest) and, way back when, CHUD.com – revealed that Marvel has spoken with Penn Badgley about playing Reed Richards in Fa...

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Final Pinocchio Trailer Hits The Web

Disney released another trailer for the Pinocchio remake today, probably to build excitement leading up to the film’s Disney+ release on September 8th. The film stars Tom Hanks, Keegan-Michael Key, Cynthia Erivo, Joseph-Gordon Levitt, and more. Check out the latest trailer here: I feel prett...

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REVIEW: DC League of Super-Pets (2022)

DC League of Super-Pets has been a surprise to me from the start. When the first trailer came out, I liked the zany animation and characterizations, but mostly, I was surprised to see something so family-oriented from DC. I tend to think of them as sending their kiddie and family fare to TV or HBO &...

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Ms. Marvel is Now a Mutant

The Ms. Marvel series has confirmed the existence of mutants in the MCU by making Kamala Khan a mutant in a shrugged-off moment during the season’s final scene. Ms. Marvel went summarily unwatched by the G+G sphere despite Salon’s accusations to the contrary and was the lowest watch...

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