Xbox Global Marketing Head Calls Out “White Dudes”

Xbox is tired of all these white men in gaming. In an X post from March 27, 2024, Kelly Lombardi, Xbox’s global head of marketing, encouraged gamers who were “not a white man” to raise their hands because “minorities have to fight to prove they exist” in the gaming industry. Lombardi’s X account is locked, of course, but you can see a screenshot of her post courtesy of The Quartering:

A subsequent post from The Quartering confirms that Kelly Lombardi is a white woman, which means she’s part of the “minority” of gamers she’s encouraging to raise their hands.

It’s funny how women are somehow always exempt from the racial factioning these people engage in, almost as though it’s not so much about race as it is about pitting normal people against each other. I don’t know what, specifically, she means about fighting “to prove they exist;” I doubt there’s a single white male gamer who doesn’t know fellow gamers who don’t fit that mold, especially now with online gaming. Call of Duty lobbies are probably more racially diverse than modern commercials. Nobody needs Kelly Lombardi’s help being noticed unless they want to be acknowledged for being something other than a white man as they’re playing. The button to all this is that Lombardi is not a white male, and she is the global head of marketing for Xbox; she’s not exactly being marginalized.

Even more interesting is a response from an X user named Savvy Artist, who pointed out that the majority of gamers are actually Asians, not white men. Because Lombardi’s posts are locked, you can see a screenshot that Savvy Artist posted on her own account:

A quick search shows that she is correct; while most gamers in the United States are white (because it’s a majority-white country), the largest number of gamers worldwide come from China (744 million), and Asians make up 1.48 billion of the 3.4 billion gamers in the world – more than 1/3 of the total. It’s hard to believe that the woman who runs global marketing for Xbox doesn’t know something it took me and, I assume, Savvy Artist all of thirty seconds to confirm.

Next, author and Babylon Bee contributor Ashley St. Clair shared The Quartering’s repost, which was then shared by Elon Musk, who threw his two cents in, and you can probably guess where he falls on the topic:

Since then, Kelly Lombardi removed her post and wrote a new one, claiming that it was “poorly worded,” and said she just meant to celebrate diversity among gamers:

Sure, Jan.

If that was what she meant, it was an innocuous statement that didn’t need to make anyone seem like a long-suffering hero in a daily battle for their very existence. But we all know it’s stupid; the real takeaway is the same one from the Sweet Baby Inc. debacle, Kotaku’s downfall, Jules Hardy wishing for a “final purge” of gamers she doesn’t like, and game developers trying to distance themselves from consulting firms: the pushback to this despicable infiltration and politicization of video game culture is enormous, and this increasingly looks like a fight the cultural vandals will not win.

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March 30, 2024 at 1:23 am

There you go. You don’t see Asian countries doing this to their own people. You don’t see any other groups doing this to their men in terms of trying to drive them out of their own subgroup or culture. Xbox, Bill and Melinda Gates openly discriminate against white men.
There should be reciprocity. Apologies will NOT be accepted. We demand a white male division of gaming at Xbox.

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