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Xbox Games Showcase 2024

Today, Xbox held its 2024 Showcase, and it seemed to wow a lot more people than the Summer Game Fest presentation did. Here are the trailers from the show: Call of Duty Black Ops 6 Doom: The Dark Ages State of Decay 3 Dragon Age: The Veilguard Starfield: Shattered Space Fallout ‘76: Skyline Valley...

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Next Call of Duty Game Coming Straight to Game Pass

Xbox’s desperation is showing. Last week, Microsoft’s senior public relations manager, Brian Hilderbrand, said the reason Xbox was closing some Bethesda studios and merging others was because Game Pass – the Xbox subscription service – was losing money on video game sales by allowing gamers ...

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Square Enix Lays Off Western Employees, Shifts Toward Multiplatform Releases

Square Enix is the latest video game developer to restructure its business. Earlier today, IGN reported that Square Enix will move away from platform exclusivity and “pursue a multiplatform strategy” going forward. This initiative, which the company is calling “Square Enix Reboots and Awakens�...

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Microsoft Insider Reveals Truth Behind Bethesda Closings

Many were baffled when Microsoft shut down some Bethesda studios and combined others, which will result in plenty of layoffs. Now, someone with knowledge of the situation is letting people know what really happened. Brian Hilderbrand, the senior public relations manager at Microsoft, wrote a detaile...

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Microsoft Closes and Consolidates Bethesda Studios

It’s a bloodbath at Bethesda. Today, Microsoft announced (via IGN) that they’re shutting down three Bethesda studios: Arkane Austin, Tango Gameworks, and Alpha Dog Games. Arkane Austin was the studio behind the first-person shooter Redfall, while Tango Gameworks developed the survival horror gam...

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Xbox Global Marketing Head Calls Out “White Dudes”

Xbox is tired of all these white men in gaming. In an X post from March 27, 2024, Kelly Lombardi, Xbox’s global head of marketing, encouraged gamers who were “not a white man” to raise their hands because “minorities have to fight to prove they exist” in the gaming industry. Lombardi’s X...

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