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REVIEW: Green Arrow: Year One

When Arrow first began its run, two things kept coming up in interviews. The first was that the initial pitch was that they wanted it to be The Dark Knight, the TV show. The second was that they were inspired by the comic series Green Arrow: Year One in the telling of the titular character’s &...

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REVIEW: Flash Forward – Ch. 2 “The Line Forms on the Left”

What does it take to make a truly great comic book? Not just something readable as opposed to throw-away garbage, but something that will either objectively stand the test of time, or is just a fun romp through 20-something pages of gorgeous art. Does it require decades upon decades of in-depth lore...

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DC’s New Relaunch And What It Means

There have been rumblings in the comic book world that DC’s universe is heading for another Crisis-level event. This has been apparent to readers of the current ongoing Justice League, The Flash, Superman, and, most recently, Flash Forward. Without doing a massive anthological recap of Scott S...

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This Year in Batman

Five years ago, as I noodled with my blog, I came across a fantastic Bruce Timm-produced Batman animated short featuring our beloved Bat characters Bruce Wayne and Terry McGinnis as they fought to defend the Bat Cave. It was the perfect way to celebrate our dear Dark Knight’s 75th anniversary....

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REVIEW: Cyberfrog: Bloodhoney

Ethan Van Sciver is far from a new face to comics. Having teamed up with multiple writers throughout his 26 years in the industry, he’s worked on the most prominent characters that the medium has to offer. Some of the very best, and my favorite, comics for a given character have been penciled by V...

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REVIEW: Superman: Earth One – Volume 2

Superman: Earth One – Volume 2 is a book I had looked forward to for a long time. After the work that was done in the previous volume, the sky seemed to be the limit for where J. Michael Straczynski could take Superman next. The story starts with a lot of promise, with Clark Kent …

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