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Jorge Jiménez Announces He’s Penciling Tynion IV’s Batman

It’s no secret that Tom King’s initial 100-issue run on DC’s flagship Batman book is being cut short, with the writer now ending his tenure with his 85th issue, which will close out his “City of Bane” story arc. Detective Comics writer James Tynion IV was revealed to be taking the reins fr...

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REVIEW: Flash Forward – Ch. 3 “Free Fall”

In today’s era, comics are becoming measurably less fun, more ideologically driven, or just plain dreary. The rare gem of a book that allows the reader to come away with a sense of hope is now just that much more of a diamond in the rough. There are times when heroes must be pushed to …

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Argentinian Artist Pablo Romero Vilified on Social Media

Comic book characters, specifically those in the superhero genre, have been idealized versions of the male or female form from jump street. Core fans of the medium have long been cognizant and understanding of this fact. It stands to reason that, if the feats these characters are performing (whether...

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REVIEW: Superman: Earth One – Volume 3

Superman: Earth One – Volume 2 seemed like a speed bump in what was initially a promising series. That being said, the epilogue of the book seemed to set up an enticing volume 3 with iconic villain Lex Luthor being the main villain – or, rather, one of the main villains, considering Luthor’s w...

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REVIEW: Green Arrow: Year One

When Arrow first began its run, two things kept coming up in interviews. The first was that the initial pitch was that they wanted it to be The Dark Knight, the TV show. The second was that they were inspired by the comic series Green Arrow: Year One in the telling of the titular character’s &...

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REVIEW: Flash Forward – Ch. 2 “The Line Forms on the Left”

What does it take to make a truly great comic book? Not just something readable as opposed to throw-away garbage, but something that will either objectively stand the test of time, or is just a fun romp through 20-something pages of gorgeous art. Does it require decades upon decades of in-depth lore...

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