Zack Snyder Insults People Who Don’t Like His Movies

Zack Snyder said some more weird stuff to defend his awful movies. He appeared on the Happy Sad Confused podcast to talk about Rebel Moon and his other films, and he made a strange argument against bashing his movies: if you don’t like them, you’re asking for focus group-approved movies. You can see the clip below:

What a smug little creep. The idea that you can either have something as awful as Rebel Moon or a “Happy Meal” movie that was put through and changed by focus groups is ridiculous, and if it were true, cinema wouldn’t deserve to exist. He throws in that “I’m not saying you have to like my movies,” but that’s exactly what he’s saying; you either like Rebel Moon or you want mass-produced movies devoid of artistry or vision (two things I could say about Rebel Moon). It paints his critics as too stupid to understand his films, which is a laugh if you watch them. And have you noticed that nobody who makes good movies does this? That’s because good movies speak for themselves; they don’t need their director trying to bully people into liking them. Rian Johnson has said there’s no valid reason to dislike The Last Jedi; Irvin Kershner never said anything like that about The Empire Strikes Back. When you’re no longer using the text itself to refute criticisms, it’s because you know you can’t. If you watch the interview, it’s full of Snyder (and host Josh Horowitz) mocking anyone who doesn’t like his movies, and part of me wonders if he believes his career is on the wane. He’s got this Netflix deal, so he’s comfortable for as long as he can make whatever he throws on that platform, but I don’t think he’s getting any theatrical blockbusters anymore. Most of his films lost money for their studios. So why not just insult people? It’s not like he’s got anything to lose.

By the way, he made that statement while talking about The Snyder Cut of Justice League; if you want to see how phony that whole thing was, watch Mauler’s epic video on the subject.

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April 19, 2024 at 5:14 am

Except that it seems like audiences enjoyed Dune Part 2 and Three Body Problem. Historically, sci-fi has always had a following and fans. Denis might be doing an adaptation of Rendezvous with Rama and I’d love to be able to see that.
Zack nails the glossy, graphic novel overall look, but not sure about his latest casting and his abuse of slo-mo that has become his cliche’. Another trope that has stuck to him is the “Snyder Cut”. Like, first release a steaming pile and then, gouge fans for the real director’s cut that he promises will be better than the FUBAR cluster you just saw.
Is he becoming a parody of himself with being basically know for slow-motion and director’s cuts? Is he that easily predictable?
I think it’s actually more frustrating with all the aesthetics are there, but the story, characters, lines, plot and other concepts are not. It’s like receiving a gift that is all packaging and no product.

    April 19, 2024 at 6:21 pm

    Yeah, it’s a shame, because if he had a good script, the visuals could make it look incredible. That’s why I loved Watchmen so much; the aesthetic and material matched really well.

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