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24 Director Jon Cassar Joins the Critical Drinker’s Rogue Elements

The Critical Drinker’s new movie is getting a helping hand from the guy who shepherded Jack Bauer’s journey. In a new livestream, the Drinker announced that Jon Cassar is coming aboard Rogue Elements: A Ryan Drake Story, the short film based on Drinker’s novels, presumably as a producer. If yo...

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Box Office Breakdown for Weekend of 2/25/24

What’s up, Geeks + Gamers? It’s ODIN! Bob Marley Smokes Madame Web As we look forward to a potential box office wake-up call from next week’s release of Dune: Part Two, we have another slow weekend at the box office with Bob Marley: One Love once again taking the #1 spot and newcomer Demon...

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Ballerina Having Reshoots by John Wick Director

The John Wick spin-off had to call in the big guns. In an interview with the British talk show The One Show, actor Ian McShane, who plays Winston Scott, Wick’s friend and manager of the Continental Hotel, spoke about Ballerina, the upcoming film set in the John Wick universe. Ballerina was or...

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Gladiator 2 Budget is Insane

Get set for the next high-profile Hollywood cash-burner… well, probably not the very next one, but one of many upcoming drains. Ridley Scott wrapped filming on the sequel to his 2000 hit Gladiator on January 17, 2024, and initial reports had the budget at $165 million. But according to The Hollyw...

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Rogue Elements Trailer Brings the Critical Drinker’s Books to the Screen

The Critical Drinker has become what he has beheld, but not in the bad way Eliot Ness meant. If you follow his channel, you’ll know that the Drinker is also the author of a series of action novels featuring former British soldier and current CIA operative Ryan Drake. And over the past year, he’s...

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James Gunn Shares Superman: Legacy Cast Photo

You won’t have to look up in the sky to see Superman today; just check out Instagram. James Gunn, co-CEO of DC Studios and director of Superman: Legacy, posted a behind-the-scenes image on the social media site with most of the film’s major cast members, plus himself and fellow DC Studios head P...

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