The Rise of Skywalker CAN’T Even Make $150 Thousand at the Box Office!

The Rise of Skywalker CAN’T Even Make $150 Thousand at the Box Office!

The Rise of Skywalker has reached a new low and is costing Disney a lot of fans and money.

Disney STAR WARS movies continue to decline and it’s the worst it has ever been thanks to EPISODE IX.

You know it’s bad when the original STAR WARS A NEW HOPE from 1977 is outperforming The Rise of Skywalker in 2020 by 3X the box office take!

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June 6, 2021 at 5:14 pm

I remember during the initial run of SW77 and the subsequent Re-Release every year almost right up to the release of ROTJ! The first SW movie had such amazing staying power that it was selling out theaters on a yearly basis.

If Diznee TRULY believed and by extention DLF, TRULY believed that THEIR product was, “so strong” than why would they not Re-Release their(Diznee Shill opinion) “masterpieces” out in theaters?

I can tell you why that is. It is cause they KNOW it would bomb financially and it would prove ALL the naysayers CORRECT. Instead they will pump out puff piece after puff piece out on all the Pravda level Diznee owned propaganda mills that went on from the release of TFA. And they also have a legion of shills who in more cases than I care to even acknowledge that shill on Diznee’s behalf for FREE and even try to play a victimization role either on their own or someone else’s behalf? Yeah, I kid you not but you already knew that?

Don’t just take MY word for it either but you can see this all for yourselves on your standard heavy mod driven forums where some of these buffoons actually treat FAIR and VALID criticism’s and try to make it seem like those criticisms somehow “equates” to slander or some such nonsense? Or even go to film critic sites and read the 10/10 reviews and they read as a Grievance Manifesto? Yeah these people aren’t playing with a full deck if you get my drift?

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