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REVIEW: Reacher – Season 2, Episode 5, “Burial”

“Burial” moves the second season of Reacher along at a breakneck pace, clearing up more aspects of the mystery while throwing curveballs to heroes and villains alike, and all with a heaping plate of action to keep the pulse racing. There are new wrinkles to character motivations, an entertainin...

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REVIEW: Reacher – Season 2, Episode 4, “A Night at the Symphony”

“A Night at the Symphony” is a legwork episode, with Reacher and his team connecting the dots and slowly forming the picture of the conspiracy that killed their friends. But it stops from feeling dull or slow with a propulsive pace and plenty of character work, adding layers to Reacher without b...

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REVIEW: Bosch: Legacy – Season 2, Episodes 3-10

Following the season premiere of Bosch: Legacy, I fell behind on watching and reviewing several shows. As such, I’ll be reviewing the rest of season 2 in bulk here. Incidentally, this works out reasonably well, as the Dockweiler storyline in the premiere is referenced throughout the season, b...

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REVIEW: Reacher – Season 2, Episode 3, “Picture Says a Thousand Words”

Reacher’s second season took a bit of a detour with “What Happens in Atlantic City,” but “Picture Says a Thousand Words” revs the show into overdrive. The already quick pace picks up even more speed as Reacher and his team focus their investigation, the connections between the villains ap...

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REVIEW: Reacher – Season 2, Episode 2, “What Happens in Atlantic City”

“What Happens in Atlantic City” is a busywork episode, bringing Reacher and his team to a new location to chase a lead in their investigation while little of the story develops. These can feel like video game sidequests if handled poorly; fortunately, Reacher roots this episode in character, an...

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REVIEW: Reacher – Season 2, Episode 1, “ATM”

As Christmas approaches and 2023 winds down, Amazon gave us a stocking stuffer to end a mostly disappointing entertainment year on a high note: season 2 of Reacher, or at least the beginning of it. Based on Lee Child’s series of mystery novels, Reacher follows the exploits of Jack Reacher, a form...

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