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Disney Reinstates Stockholders Dividends

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Disney will resume paying dividends to its stockholders following a three-year freeze instituted due to COVID. They will pay out $0.30 per share as of December 11, 2023, compared to the $0.88 they were giving out prior to COVID. The payments will begin in January...

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Disney Expands Board to 13

Disney’s board of directors is expanding in the new year, with Morgan Stanley CEO James Gorman joining beginning February 5th and former Sky chief Jeremy Darroch on January 9th. In addition, former president and CEO of Illumina Francis A. deSouza won’t stand for reelection at Disney’s annual m...

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Bob Iger Talks About Disney and Marvel Problems

At the New York Times’ DealBook Summit earlier today (via CNBC), Bob Iger talked about Disney’s recent failures and what caused them, and his scapegoats probably won’t surprise you. They’re a mix of streaming, the pandemic, Bob Chapek, and executives not exerting enough control over film pr...

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Looney Tunes Movie Coyote vs. Acme Canceled, Then Revived

Hollywood has gotten so weird that movies are blinking in and out of existence. Recently, Warner Bros. Discovery decided to shelve a part live-action, part  animated film called Coyote vs. Acme, which would feature Looney Tunes character Wile E. Coyote, nemesis of the Roadrunner, as he sued the Acm...

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Nobody Saw The Marvels – Not Even Women

The Marvels did what everyone expected it to do and bombed. In its opening weekend, the latest Marvel Cinematic Universe film debuted with  $47 million domestically and $110.3 million internationally. This is the lowest opening weekend take for an MCU movie, underperforming The Incredible Hulk’s...

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The Actors’ Strike is Over, and Movies are About to Shoot Again

Mark Ruffalo can put his “Ewww Poor People” clothes away because the Actors’ Strike is officially over. Last night (technically this morning since it was after midnight, but don’t be one of those people), the Screen Actors’ Guild and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers ...

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