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That Star Wars Girl Has C2E2 Press Pass Canceled

That Star Wars Girl needs to get a more diverse audience, according to the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo. The YouTuber, whose name is Anna, applied for a press pass to the convention, more managably called C2E2. And she was approved… for a little while. C2E2 then labeled her previously ap...

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REVIEW: Gothix (2023)

The streamer Gothix has been making the rounds lately as the Black Girl Gamers story grows and their practices are discussed. But she’s been around for a while, and she’s had a tumultuous journey since starting her online streaming career. She even has a documentary, titled Gothix, about her evo...

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PlayStation Employee Tries to Cancel RGT 85

The entirely too familiar relationship between video game companies and games journalists is becoming clearer. YouTuber and gamer RGT 85, whose real name is Shawn (which he says in the video), recently discovered that PlayStation and Kotaku tried to deplatform him because he disagreed with – I’m...

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Gina Carano Discusses her Disney Lawsuit

Gina Carano’s lawsuit against Disney and Lucasfilm is making waves, with the former MMA fighter and Star Wars actress forcing the issue of cancel culture into the news. As she gives interviews about the case, new details of her ordeal – and those of others in a similar boat – are coming to li...

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Gina Carano’s Protesters Both Meet and Subvert Expectations

As promised, the outraged trans community (and/or their “allies”) came out to protest Gina Carano’s appearance at the Vancouver Fan Expo today, and the results were… pretty much what you’d expect. Drunk 3PO was on hand to film their attempts to stick it to the man – or woman, not that I...

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Protest Planned for Gina Carano’s Vancouver Fan Expo Appearance

If you thought the triggered whack jobs who panicked when Gina Carano was announced as a guest at the Vancouver Fan Expo were going to take her second appearance at the con lying down, you’ve got another thing coming. The modern witch burners are organizing a protest tomorrow, February 19, in fron...

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