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REVIEW: Evil Read Rise (2023)

Evil Dead Rise is a couch potato of a movie. It sits there like a lump, never moving, never surprising, preferring not to think, tuning in to reruns so it can clap in all the expected places. In real life, I have great respect for the couch potato; in cinema, I’d prefer the filmmakers to … ...

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Evil Dead Rises Trailer Will Swallow Your Soul

The Deadites are back, but Earth is missing its champion. Earlier today, a trailer for Evil Dead Rise, the next installment in the Evil Dead franchise, was released. Evil Dead Rise is a… well, we’re not sure. Is it a sequel to the original Evil Dead trilogy (The Evil Dead, Evil Dead 2, and Army ...

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Geeks + Gamers Staff Halloween Picks: Video Games

When thinking of Halloween, most people’s minds go immediately to movies, television and books – whether comic or traditional novels – but the video game world has plenty of spooky delights for gamers to indulge in during the season of the witch. Whether it’s a full game or an impres...

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Fede Alvarez Making Evil Dead Sequel?

In 2013, Fede Alvarez burst onto the horror scene after directing the incredible Evil Dead (2013). The remake of the 1983 film debuted with $25,775,847 in its opening weekend, and a total theatrical gross of $97,542,952 worldwide. That’s pretty damn good, especially because its production budget w...

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