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RUMOR: Baz Luhrmann to Direct Tangled Remake?

Daniel Richtman, an “industry insider” and respected scooper, has come forward with claims that Elvis director Baz Luhrmann is set to direct a live-action remake of Disney’s Tangled. Despite rumors of this film’s existence and casting, Disney hasn’t commented. Among those rumors...

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Snow White Director’s Son Slams Remake

David Hand, son of the David Hand that directed Walt Disney’s 1937 classic Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, has spoken out against the remake. Speaking to The Telegraph, he called the live-action iteration coming next year “woke” and said it would make Walt Disney and his father ro...

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Little Mermaid Remake Artist Sues Producers

74-year-old model builder Christine Overs is suing Sandcastle Pictures, Disney’s production company behind the Little Mermaid remake. Overs worked on the beach scenes for the film, and Sandcastle’s negligence led to her falling on a makeshift step while working in 2020. Overs’ la...

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REVIEW: The Little Mermaid (2023)

When I heard that Disney was remaking The Little Mermaid, I felt a familiar mixture of dread and tepid hopefulness. The Little Mermaid isn’t my favorite Disney movie, but it’s an undisputed classic that saved the animation studio at a crucial juncture in its storied history. And I do ...

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Songwriters Surprised by Frozen III Announcement

Collider recently interviewed Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez, the married songwriting duo behind The Book of Mormon, WandaVision, and Disney’s Frozen franchise. The interview is mostly about their new Hulu series Up Here, but Collider does ask about Frozen III near the end. Check out...

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Little Mermaid Teaser Makes a Splash

Today, Halle Bailey revealed a teaser for The Little Mermaid on Twitter in honor of Disney’s 100th anniversary. The teaser shows our first glimpse of Flounder and Ursula. Check out the new clip here: Well, it sure is a teaser. Most of this footage was already shown in the movie’s first l...

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