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More Fantastic Four Casting Rumors

Fantastic Four casting rumors are ramping up, meaning an announcement is likely imminent. Till then, though, we’ve got the rumors to mull over. DanielRPK (via JoBlo, because his content is behind a Patreon paywall) claims that Marvel is eyeing Adam Driver for Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic, Margot Ro...

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RUMOR: Is Mila Kunis Playing The Thing in Fantastic Four?

This is one of the strangest Marvel rumors to pop up in quite a while. It started when Grace Randolph tweeted about actresses being considered to play Sue Storm, The Invisible Woman, in Fantastic Four, one of the few announced Marvel movies that sounds like it could possibly be good. Among those she...

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What Does Quantumania’s Box Office Drop Mean for Marvel?

Ant-Man and the Wasp are being squashed like bugs. In its second weekend, Marvel’s latest superhero outing, Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, dropped from its $106 million domestic opening to just under $32 million, according to The Numbers. This is a 70% drop, the worst in the MCU’s history. I...

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Kevin Feige Interview Gives Clues About Phases 5 and 6

Kevin Feige has a plan for the MCU… maybe. Entertainment Weekly sat down with the president of Marvel Studios for an extensive interview, and Feige talked about what he and Marvel learned from Phase 4 and what we can expect from Phases 5 and 6. Whatever your feelings on the current state of the MC...

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Rumor: Adam Driver up for Mr. Fantastic

Is Marvel looking to a galaxy far, far away to cast its First Family? A rumor is circulating that Adam Driver is in the running to play Reed Richards in Fantastic Four. The first to mention it was Jeff Sneider on The Hot Mic in October; Sneider downplayed the story, as it came from an …

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New Marvel Rumors Involving Doctor Doom and Vision

More Marvel rumors are making the rounds courtesy of The Ankler’s Jeff Sneider. On the podcast The Hot Mic, Sneider revealed that his sources tell him Doctor Doom will not be the villain in Fantastic Four, but will appear in a post-credits scene. Sneider doesn’t know who the Four will face, just...

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