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PlayStation State of Play 2024

Today, Sony held its PlayStation State of Play presentation for 2024, and it was… a thing, I guess. You can see the whole presentation below or read on and see each trailer by itself. The first two game trailers shown were for Concord, a multiplayer first-person shooter from new developer Firewalk...

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Sony Patents Video Game AI “Auto-Play Mode”

If you find playing video games on easy mode too difficult, Sony’s about to lend you another helping hand. According to CoinMarketCap, Sony has applied for a patent called “Method and System for Auto-Playing Portions of a Video Game,” which is a feature where AI will play parts of the game for...

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An Interview with Sweet Baby Inc. Detected Creator Kabrutus

The last week of gaming news has centered on Sweet Baby Inc. Detected, a Steam curator that lists all the video games consulting company Sweet Baby Inc. has worked on. There was a ridiculous overreaction to what seems like it should be a minor issue to people who work on God of War and DC Comics &h...

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Sweet Baby Inc. Does Exactly What Gamers Think They Do

The Sweet Baby Inc. story isn’t going away, and now, gaming journalists are putting their shields up around the consultants. Earlier today, Kotaku published an article defending Sweet Baby Inc. and claiming to set the record straight and educate video game fans who don’t understand what Sweet Ba...

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Sweet Baby Inc. Employees Show Misunderstanding of and Outright Disdain for Gamers

This Sweet Baby Inc. fiasco keeps getting funnier and funnier, not because much has changed but because the more that comes out about that company and its employees, the more you realize how much they deserve everything they’re getting. After the disaster Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League t...

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Should God of War Ragnarök Have a Sequel?

I just finished playing God of War Ragnarök after receiving it as a Christmas present (well, finished the story; I still have tons of side quests and extra material to tackle). I liked it very much, as I do all the games in this series; they’re among the most fun video games I’ve ever played, &...

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