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REVIEW: Heart of Stone (2023)

What is the ratio of times you’ve really enjoyed a Netflix movie vs. times you’ve cursed yourself for starting one? It’s got to be around 1:100, right? I mean, on the good side, there’s The Irishman, both Extractions, and The Gray Man until the last ten or fifteen minutes destroyed it. The b...

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Netflix Releases Its 2023 Film Slate

The movie theater’s chief competition has thrown down its gauntlet. Earlier today, Netflix released its 2023 film slate, along with a video teasing some of its higher-profile releases. There are a few highly-anticipated movies that now have release dates, as well as a lot of things I don’t think...

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Gal Gadot Will Star in Spy Movie Heart of Stone

Diana Prince is getting a crash course in espionage. According to a Deadline exclusive, Gal Gadot will star in Heart of Stone, a spy film for Skydance Media. There’s no word on the plot or Gadot’s character, but Heart of Stone is said to “put a female spin on action franchises like Mission: Im...

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