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REVIEW: What is a Woman (2022)

What is a woman? That question has become quite the meme. Back in March of this year, Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson was asked that very same question by Senator Marsha Blackburn during Jackson’s Judiciary Committee hearing. She couldn’t (or wouldn’t) answer it other than to say, R...

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My Truth: I Was Attacked By Gail Simone Fans Because I Called Her Out On Eternals

A pack of rabid, angry Gail Simone fans attacked me on Twitter after I called her out for her Eternals take, which you can see below. Okay, I loved the Eternals. I am not that familiar with the comic, I’ll admit it. But I loved the film. Lovely characters, avoidance of the usual formulas, and &hel...

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Two Polish Inter-Gender MMA Contests End Exactly How You Think They Would

The Polish were out there wilding at their Mixed Martial Arts events over the weekend. The MMA-VIP event booked two inter-gender bouts, and unlike Alana McLaughlin, both victorious fighters were upfront and honest about their male genealogy. pic.twitter.com/xninjKN5K5 — Matysek (@Matysek88) Oc...

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Colin Kaepernick Compares the NFL Draft Combine to Slavery

Colin Kaepernick is either the dumbest or the savviest man in the business; at this point, it must be the latter more than it is the former. No one in their right mind could honestly make a comparison this absurd without knowing the backlash would be so severe. In a clip from the Netflix series &hel...

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Dave Chappelle and Netflix are Being Served “Unfair Labor Charge” By Staff

The National Labor Relations Board is bringing charges of “unfair labor practices” against Netflix because the trans lobby just can’t take their “L.” Deadline reports that Netflix co-CEO Ted Sarandos is the lead named individual in the complaint. Fired program manager B. Pagels-Minor and s...

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Bruce Springsteen Agrees With Barack Obama’s Assessment: His Fans are N-Word Spewing Racists

“The Boss” and the former Boss painted a giant swath of people as N-word spewing Neanderthals. Appearing on CBS Sunday Morning (“Good morning. Sunday morning.”) to promote the hilariously-titled new book, Renegades: Born in the USA, Bruce Springsteen, Barack Obama, and Anthony Mason discusse...

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