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Japanese Reenactment Group Says Assassin’s Creed Shadows Stole Their Flag

The hits just keep on coming for Ubisoft and Assassin’s Creed Shadows, although it’s hard to feel bad for them because they keep doing it to themselves. A Japanese group called the Sekigahara Teppo Corps, or Sekigahara Rifle Corps, a group that reenacts the Battle of Sekigahara and other histori...

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Japanese Gamers Not Happy With Assassin’s Creed Shadows

Despite games journalists’ insistence that it’s only racist Americans who have a problem with Assassin’s Creed Shadows, evidence is piling up that Japanese gamers are not happy with the depiction of their culture either. During Monday’s Ubisoft Forward presentation, the company unveiled an e...

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Ubisoft’s Stock Drops as Games Journalists Defend Assassins Creed Shadows

The video game industry is taking hit after hit lately. On May 15, 2024, Ubisoft released a trailer for Assassins Creed Shadows, the next in the long-running franchise centered on Japanese history and culture that will be released in November. The trailer was met with controversy and frustration ove...

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Naoe, the Female Lead of Assassins Creed Shadows, is a Stand-In as Well

The forced DEI in Assassins Creed Shadows doesn’t end with Yasuke. (Is “forced DEI” an oxymoron?) Yesterday, the trailer for Assassins Creed Shadows revealed that the two lead characters in the game – which is set in 1500s Japan and is about the samurai and shinobi (ninjas) – were a blac...

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Assassins Creed Shadows Trailer Brings Controversy Over Black Samurai

Today, Ubisoft released a trailer for Assassins Creed Shadows, the next game in the seventeen-year-old video game franchise. But instead of getting gamers excited, it got them laughing at the latest ridiculous instance of forced diversity, which involves a big historical reach. Then, it stopped bein...

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Eiyuden Chronicles: Hundred Heroes Gets Localized

Do you want to see localization in action? There’s been a lot of talk lately about the practice, which should be simply translating a game from a foreign language into English but actually involves making it more in line with American culture – or what the localizers want American culture to be....

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