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Gladiator II Trailer Looks Familiar

Grab your sword and sandals because Ridley Scott is taking you back to Rome. Today, Paramount released a trailer for Gladiator II, the long-gestating sequel to the 2000 semi-historical epic that won Best Picture and Best Actor at the Academy Awards. Set over twenty years after the original, Gladiato...

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Kevin Feige Suggests MCU’s Fantastic Four Will Be From Another Universe

Marvel’s First Family may be guests in the MCU rather than fixtures. In an appearance on The Official Marvel Podcast, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige, after saying he was most excited for The Fantastic 4 out of all the upcoming Marvel projects, talked about what we can expect from the film. ...

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Ralph Ineson Cast as Galactus in The Fantastic 4

Well, it didn’t take long to find out I was wrong. After hiring John Malkovich for an undisclosed role, a Hollywood Reporter exclusive reveals that Marvel has cast British actor Ralph Ineson as the cosmic villain Galactus in The Fantastic 4. Ralph Ineson has been in many movies and TV shows, among...

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John Malkovich Cast in The Fantastic 4

If Reed Richards makes a move, the bunny gets it. Deadline exclusively reports that John Malkovich has been cast in The Fantastic 4, the currently developing Marvel film. The Hollywood Reporter later confirmed the story through their sources. Malkovich’s role is a mystery for now. He joins Pedro ...

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Marvel Announces Fantastic 4 Cast

The Fantastic Four has officially been cast, and I think we’re all supposed to pretend to be shocked and amazed. Today, Marvel revealed the actors playing the Four in an Instagram post, and they are: Pedro Pascal as Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic, Vanessa Kirby as Sue Storm/the Invisible Woman, Josep...

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Marvel Wants Javier Bardem for Galactus and a Female Silver Surfer

The Fantastic Four cast seems all but assembled. Yesterday came the news that Marvel has either locked or is close to locking Pedro Pascal as Reed Richards, the leader of the Fantastic Four (in the comics; the movie sounds like it may be different). Now, Jeff Sneider has revealed on his website, Th...

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