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Gareth Edwards to Direct Jurassic World 4

Universal has gone to another creature-feature franchise to find its next dinosaur director. Deadline reports that the studio is close to signing Gareth Edwards to direct Jurassic World 4, or whatever the next Jurassic World/Jurassic Park movie is called, with the deal said to be “in final negoti...

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David Leitch No Longer Directing Jurassic World 4

Well, that was fast. Just a few days ago, news broke that David Leitch, co-director of John Wick, would be directing Jurassic World 4, or whatever they call the next Jurassic Park sequel. But another Deadline exclusive says that the talks have ended, and Universal is going another way. Creative dif...

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David Leitch in Talks to Direct Jurassic World 4

You know when an action movie feels like it stalls just when it was really catching fire? This story feels like the real-life version of that. Deadline exclusively reports that David Leitch is “in early talks” to direct the next Jurassic Park/Jurassic World/Jurassic Premise on its Last Legs fil...

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Jurassic World 4 Coming from Jurassic Park Screenwriter

The dinosaurs are returning, and so is their original screenwriter. A Hollywood Reporter exclusive reveals that the next Jurassic World film is in development, and it is being written by David Koepp, who also wrote the original Jurassic Park and its first sequel (which was already one too many), ...

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Predicting Box Office After Two Weeks

What’s up Geeks + Gamers? It’s ODIN! In my last article, I talked about some of the methodology behind box office analysis to figure out things such as marketing costs, break-even points, etc. Today, I’ll explain how I determine the total box office a film is likely to make after the first tw...

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Bryce Dallas Howard Made Less Than Chris Pratt for Jurassic World

In an interview with Insider, Bryce Dallas Howard revealed that early reports of her earning $8 million to co-star Chris Pratt’s $10 million for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom were inaccurate – she was actually paid less. “The reports were so interesting because I was paid so much less than th...

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