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Marvel Ditches Kang and Hires New Movie Writers

In an article about Marvel’s “retooling” efforts in the wake of its recent failures, The Hollywood Reporter reveals some tidbits about the MCU’s upcoming films and TV shows. Some are things we already knew, some are not very informative (they think Agatha: Darkhold Diaries is great, which ...

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Marvel Overhauling their TV Productions, Starting with Daredevil

How the mightiest have fallen. A new article by The Hollywood Reporter details the troubles Marvel has faced in the past few years, specifically in developing their Disney+ shows. None of the series began with a pilot but simply dove into production, with seasons costing up to $150 million. These s...

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Secret Invasion Trailer Trusts No One

The guessing game has begun, as Marvel has released a trailer for its upcoming Disney+ miniseries Secret Invasion. Samuel L. Jackson returns as Nick Fury, who is the lead for the first time, to battle a renegade Skrull faction that has infiltrated the world’s governments with plans for conquest. C...

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