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Nintendo Direct – September 2023

A new Nintendo Direct aired today. The games highlighted are all for Nintendo Switch, and all are coming out either this year or next year. You can watch the full Direct in the video below or read the highlights under it. (Or both; you can always do both.) The Nintendo Direct opened with wave 2 &hel...

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Nintendo Direct – February 8, 2023

The first Nintendo Direct of 2023 aired earlier today, with a bevy of new Nintendo Switch game trailers for players to salivate over. You can watch the entire presentation here, but here’s a rundown if you want to sift through it: Pikmin 4 Today’s Nintendo Direct kicked things off with a trailer...

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MAR10 Day Deals From Nintendo

Apparently, Nintendo has declared March 10th “Mario Day,” or “MAR10 Day” (because 10 looks like “IO”… go figure), and this has been going on for a few years; you learn something new every day, I guess. But more important than reaching gamer holidays is that ...

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