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Warhammer 40K Introduces Female Custodes

It looks like Warhammer 40K was next on the identity politics checklist. The popular tabletop game will now have female members of a group called the Custodians. I’ve never played Warhammer 40K, so you’ll have to bear with me a little, but the Warhammer 40K Fandom Wiki defines the Custodians l...

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Games Journalists Attack Gamers and Mark Kern

If you want to know how the recent reaction from gamers over the woke influence in video games – GamerGate 2, if you want to call it that – is going, take a look at the reaction from games journalists. They’re attacking gamers and Mark Kerns, the former Blizzard producer who goes by Grummz on ...

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Grummz Reveals Another Way Community Managers Ruin Games

Former Blizzard producer Mark Kern, alias Grummz, has been talking about the ubiquity of video game community managers who have a clear sociopolitical agenda and say disturbing things about race and the gamers they’re supposed to interact with. I wrote about it a few days ago when Grummz posted ab...

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Grummz Calls Out Video Game Community Managers

The war on gamers continues, as fought by the video game industry that needs their money to survive. Grummz, the X account and online handle of former Blizzard producer Mark Kern, has been highlighting the disgusting behavior of various video game community managers who are attacking gamers based on...

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That Park Place Responds to Black Girl Gamers’ Cease and Desist Letter

Remember when Black Girl Gamers threatened legal action against The Park Place over its reporting of their hiring practices? They followed through, sending a cease and desist letter through their legal representatives, Morris, Currin & O’Keefe, P.C. You can see a breakdown of their demands in ...

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Black Girl Gamers Threatens Legal Action Over Claims of Discrimination

Another video game consulting firm may be edging Sweet Bay Inc. out of the spotlight. Attention is now shifting to Black Girl Gamers, the group whose response to criticism spurred BBC game commentator Jules Hardy to ask that the video game community have a “final purge” and “full detox” of e...

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