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Rippaverse Anthem: Whitepilled

On May 7th, Eric July’s band, BackWordz, posted an image on their X account that caused a stir of excitement online. Depicted below, one could not begin to fathom exactly what this craggy, golden-yellow terrain could be referencing. Then, on May 9th, July himself made a post that simply read: “1...

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The Epic Race to 1 MILLION Subs Has Claimed a Victor

We were told man buns are ghey, and this proves it. The epic race to ONE MILLION subscribers with Gary Buechler of Nerdrotic and Dan Vasc, a talented, flamboyant metal singer, has reached its crescendo. It all began with a tweet from the latter challenging the former to this race on their respective...

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Virginia’s Top 5 Best of 2023

One thing I like to do in the New Year is look back at my favorite things from the previous year. This includes movies, music, etc. 2023 wasn’t a particularly strong year, but I saw some good movies. This list took me longer than usual because I was waiting to catch a couple more films, &helli...

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Nerdrotic and Dan Vasc in the Race to a Million Subs

Forget Ali and Foreman; the world’s greatest showdown is happening right now on YouTube. Gary of Nerdrotic and Dan Vasc, world-famous musician, are in a heated contest to see whose YouTube channel can reach 1 million subscribers first. The stakes are that, if Gary wins, Dan must sing a song Gary w...

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Why Wish Doesn’t Work: Animation

Disney has been at the cutting edge of animation technology since its inception, and when it’s not, it just purchases whoever is. Even if a Disney animated movie doesn’t have a strong story or characters, you can almost always expect a visual treat. I was very interested in Wish‘s�...

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Why Wish Doesn’t Work: Characters

Since Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Disney has been the master of creating memorable, lovable characters. And what would a bright-eyed protagonist be without their conniving evil counterpart? Surely, allies will be needed against such evil, be they animals, dwarfs, or enchanted objects. This is ...

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