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Disney Files Motion to Dismiss Gina Carano’s Lawsuit

Disney wants to make Gina Carano’s lawsuit go away. If you’ll remember, the former MMA star was fired from her Star Wars role by Disney and Lucasfilm ostensibly for sharing a post in her Instagram stories – but actually, she argues, for her political opinions concerning forced pronoun declara...

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Julia Garner Cast as Silver Surfer in The Fantastic 4

The rumors were true again, disappointingly so this time. Deadline exclusively reports that Julia Garner has been cast as the Silver Surfer in The Fantastic 4, the upcoming Marvel movie based on the superhero team. Garner will not portray Norrin Radd, the traditional Silver Surfer who is a man, but ...

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Mandalorian Season 4 a No-Go?

Brendan Wayne, one of the three actors who play the titular character on The Mandalorian, appeared on The Chattoine Show on YouTube. Wayne specializes in creating Mando’s walk and swagger, while Lateef Crowder performs combat sequences, and Pedro Pascal voices the hero. Brendan Wayne discussed...

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Marvel Announces Fantastic 4 Cast

The Fantastic Four has officially been cast, and I think we’re all supposed to pretend to be shocked and amazed. Today, Marvel revealed the actors playing the Four in an Instagram post, and they are: Pedro Pascal as Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic, Vanessa Kirby as Sue Storm/the Invisible Woman, Josep...

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SAG-AFTRA Accidentally Confirms Pedro Pascal for Fantastic Four

The closest we’ve gotten to confirmation of Marvel’s new Mr. Fantastic comes not from Marvel Studios but from the Screen Actors’ Guild. In a new Pedro Pascal career retrospective from SAG-AFTRA, the union said that Pascal “will soon begin production on Marvel Studios’ Fantastic Four.” Th...

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The Last of Us Season 2 Casts Abby

The bane of many gamers’ existence is leaping to live-action. Earlier today, it was announced that Kaitlyn Dever will join the cast of HBO’s video game adaptation The Last of Us for its second season. Dever will play Abby, a pivotal character from The Last of Us Part II who is described as “...

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