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Gamers Backlash Hits Warhammer 40K and Stellar Blade

The backlash over recent woke gaming moves is massive. The first example is Warhammer 40K, which not only introduced female Custodes to the tabletop game’s lore but told fans who knew better that there were always female Custodes, which was just begging for the deluge of George Orwell invocations ...

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Shift Up Responds to Stellar Blade Censorship

As gamers react to the censored version of Stellar Blade, Shift Up CEO Kim Hyeong-tae and technical director Lee Dong-gi answered some questions about their game’s release, and inevitably, the costume change came up. Kim Hyeong-tae explained it like this (translation via packergirl, and I’m grat...

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Sony Censors Stellar Blade, But Grummz Has a Plan

The Stellar Blade battle isn’t over, and distributor Sony has taken sides against its customers. Yesterday, reports came in that the highly-anticipated video game from South Korean developer Shift Up had censored some of the more revealing outfits worn by its lead character, Eve. Stellar Blade ...

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Sony Changes an Image in Stellar Blade Amid Controversy

Games journalists have found a new way to attack Stellar Blade. Their outrage over the lead character, Eve, being a curvaceous woman didn’t hurt the game’s sales – it actually may have helped them – but this time, they got Sony to relent. At one point in the game, Eve comes across some graff...

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Star Wars Outlaws Trailer Smuggles Some Cinematics

A couple of days after the Star Wars Outlaws community manager was outed as an annoying woke activist who doesn’t particularly care for white people, especially men, Ubisoft released a trailer for the upcoming video game. Is this an attempt to change the narrative? Perhaps. At any rate, this is a ...

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IGN Apologizes for IGN France Stellar Blade Comments

I guess anyone can be shamed sooner or later. If you’ll remember, IGN France published a review of the Stellar Blade demo that was released on March 29, 2024. While pretty much all games journalists are having conniption fits over the lead character, Eve, being rendered as a very attractive woman...

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