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Marvel Hires Fantastic Four Writers

Marvel’s First Family has its screenwriters. Deadline exclusively reports that Jeff Kaplan and Ian Springer have been tapped to write the script for Fantastic Four – in fact, they’ve been working on the film for a while, as well as helping Kevin Feige to plot out how “this next series of fil...

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Is Marvel Close to Casting Mr. Fantastic?

We could be close to having an official Mr. Fantastic. In an episode of his Marvelvision podcast, Devin Faraci – formerly of Birth.Movies.Death. (which was previously Badass Digest) and, way back when, CHUD.com – revealed that Marvel has spoken with Penn Badgley about playing Reed Richards in Fa...

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Could Henry Cavill Be Marvel’s Mr. Fantastic?

Marvel may be recruiting its newest hero from their Distinguished Competition. Giant Freaking Robot claims their “trusted and proven sources” tell them that Marvel is auditioning Henry Cavill for a role in the MCU. While they can’t confirm who Cavill would play, there’s solid speculation tha...

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Superhero Spotlight: Fantastic Four

After three movies and one reboot, Hollywood has yet to do the Fantastic Four justice, and as a result the general audience have not been given a real insight into Marvels first family. Marvel Comics launched these characters in the 1960s, and the Four made way for Spider-Man, Iron Man, the Hulk and...

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