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REVIEW: Ahsoka – Season 1, Episode 4, “Fallen Jedi”

We’re officially at the halfway mark of the season, and “Fallen Jedi” is a turning point in more ways than one. This is the episode many have been waiting for, but was it worth all the preamble? Let’s find out. ***SPOILERS*** Huyang is still repairing the ship when “Fallen Jedi” begins, ...

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Ahsoka Clip: “Droid Fight”

Today, Lucasfilm dropped another Ahsoka clip. This one is titled “Droid Fight” and displays Ahsoka and Sabine’s martial prowess. Check it out here:  We can assume this scene is from tonight’s episode. For one thing, it still looks like Denab based on the trees. I wish they w...

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Ahsoka Underperforms, Lucasfilm Lies

Samba TV reports that Ahsoka underperformed in its viewings on Disney+, pulling in about 1.2 million screens in its first six days. Check out Samba’s assessment here: However, Disney and Lucasfilm are already spinning it, trying to claim that Ahsoka drew in 14 million viewers. Here’s ...

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REVIEW: Ahsoka – Season 1, Episodes 1 and 2: “Master and Apprentice” and “Toil and Trouble”

*SPOILERS* “Master and Apprentice ” finds Ahsoka seeking a map while Morgan Elsbeth is broken out of jail by two mysterious Force wielders, Baylan and Shin. Ahsoka reunites with Hera Syndulla and then Sabine Wren, the latter of whom she seeks to recruit. Sabine unlocks the map, but Shin ...

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Ahsoka Gets a New Premiere Date and Time

Disney and Lucasfilm have decided to release new Ahsoka episodes onto Disney+ on Tuesday evenings rather than early on Wednesdays. The announcement followed an Ahsoka fan event at Lucasfilm where the show’s two-part premiere was screened for the audience. Other similar events took place aro...

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Ahsoka Clip: “Dual Lightsaber”

It’s a day ending in Y, which means it’s time for another Ahsoka promo clip. This one is titled “Dual Lightsaber” and features Hera and Chopper piloting the Ghost while Ahsoka takes on a pair of droids. Check it out here: The action in this one looks good, and Mary Elizab...

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