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Courteney Cox in Talks to Return for Scream 7

Scream 7 is putting the band back together… what’s left of it, anyway. Variety exclusively reports that Courteney Cox is in talks to return for the next Scream movie. Cox plays Gale Weathers, a publicity-hungry news reporter who always tries to solve the new Ghostface murder spree. Gale is al...

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Neve Campbell Officially Returning to Scream

Hello, Sidney. After a tumultuous couple of months that saw Scream 7 fall apart following new franchise lead Melissa Barrera’s firing, Spyglass has been scrambling to put the pieces of its cash cow back together. Well, they’ve finally got it. Neve Campbell, the actress who plays Sidney Prescott...

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A Halloween TV Series is Coming

Remember Halloween Ends, the movie they said would definitively end the Michael Myers story? Well, if anyone bought that line, they’re in for a shock, because a Halloween TV series is on its way. In an interview with Deadline, Marc Helwig, Head of Worldwide Television at Miramax, talked about a f...

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Neve Campbell Would Consider Returning to Scream

Neve Campbell is toying with Spyglass and the makers of Scream 7, and it’s delicious. Speaking with Variety at the BAFTA Tea Party (which sounds like something middle-aged husbands get dragged to), Campbell said she’s open to returning to the Scream series “under the right circumstances.”...

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Scream 7 Director Quits

The Scream franchise is facing more hurdles than an army of Ghostfaces. In a couple of recent tweets, director Christopher Landon announced that he has left Scream 7. This follows production company Spyglass firing Melissa Barrera, the new lead of the series, over comments about the Israel-Palesti...

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Thanksgiving 2 is Coming for Leftovers

The adage “All good things must come to an end” has taken on a new meaning in the era of endless sequels, prequels, remakes, and whatnots. Director Eli Roth took to Instagram today to announce that he will be directing Thanksgiving 2, a sequel to the slasher movie that’s currently earning a ni...

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