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REVIEW: Scream VI (2023)

The erroneously titled Scream VI (no Sidney Prescott, no Scream) made it to theaters barely a year after its predecessor, the obnoxiously titled Scream (not to be confused with Scream; sometimes, I feel like they want us to hate them), striking while the iron is hot in capitalizing on an inexplicabl...

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Scream VI Trailer Rides the Rails

Ghostface is taking Manhattan, as Paramount Pictures has released the first trailer for Scream VI. Starring a bunch of people who aren’t Neve Campbell (strap yourselves in because I’m bitter), Scream VI finds the blander-than-stale-pasta new characters in New York City when a new Ghostface comes...

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REVIEW: Halloween Ends (2022)

It’s been a week since Halloween Ends was released in theaters, and I know I’m late on this review. Please accept my apologies, readers, as for some reason, I thought the film came out the same weekend as Black Adam and not the week before. And, to be fully transparent, I was a bit hesitant &hel...

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Terrifier 2 Doing Amazing Box Office Numbers; Reports of Viewers Vomiting, Passing Out

It appears 2022 may be a huge year for horror. On top of the final Halloween movie release (we’ll see), a Hellraiser reboot, and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2022 release, we also got a surprise sequel in Terrifier 2. It seems as though many love Art the Clown, as the $250,000 movie (before marketi...

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Halloween Ends Trailer Reaction

It’s July, which means it’s Halloween. Once again, I don’t make the rules. Now that the Fourth of July is over, fall and spooky décor have started appearing in stores, theme parks are putting up their decorations, somewhere there’s a girl making a pumpkin spice latte, and Mi...

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Michael Myers Will Stalk Halloween Horror Nights

Three weeks ago, Universal Orlando‘s official Halloween Horror Nights Twitter account announced the first haunted house of this year’s Halloween Horror Nights, Legends Collide, bringing classic monsters The Wolf Man, The Mummy, and Dracula together for the first time ever. Reactions were extreme...

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