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REVIEW: Civil War (2024)

[Insert lack of Marvel superheroes joke here.] Now that that’s out of the way, Alex Garland’s Civil War is a surprisingly smart movie, a film not about right and wrong so much as what would happen if a hellish civil war of the kind we mostly associate with third-world nations came to America, a...

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Civil War Trailer Presents a Divided America

If you thought family arguments at Thanksgiving were proof of a divided nation, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Today, A24 released a trailer for the upcoming sci-fi action film Civil War. Written and directed by Alex Garland (Sunshine, 28 Days Later, Ex Machina, Dredd), Civil War takes place in the ...

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Dune: Part Two Trailer Plays in the Sand

The sandworms are jumping because Warner Bros. has released a trailer and poster for Dune: Part Two. Based on the second half of Frank Herbert’s landmark science fiction novel, Dune: Part Two continues the story of Paul Atreides as he seeks revenge on his family’s enemies while uniting various t...

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