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Superman: Legacy Casts More Superheroes

Superman is going to have some heroic help in his DCU debut. First, Vanity Fair reported that three actors have been added to the cast of Superman: Legacy, the first film under James Gunn and Peter Safran’s revamped and rebooted DCU (except for Blue Beetle; I’m stifling a laugh as I type this). ...

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REVIEW: Superman & Lois – Season 3, Episode 13, “What Kills You Only Makes You Stronger”

Superman & Lois has had an uneven third season, so it’s fitting that the finale, “What Kills You Only Makes You Stronger,” follows suit. Most of the episode is great – percentage-wise, more than the season – but parts of it either don’t make sense or grate on your nerves, leaving you...

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James Gunn’s Superman and Lois Lane Officially Cast

We have a new Superman and Lois Lane. After a two-day screen test and a week and a half of deliberating, the media is reporting – although Deadline seems to have been first – that David Corenswet has been chosen to play Superman/Clark Kent in James Gunn’s Superman: Legacy, while Rachel Brosnah...

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Screen Tests Reveal Superman: Legacy Details

DC’s first power couple is slowly coming to life once again. According to The Hollywood Reporter, James Gunn, the current co-CEO of DC Studios and the writer-director of Superman: Legacy, is holding auditions for the lead roles in the film, Superman and Lois Lane. The last round of screen tests wa...

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The Flash: FLASHPOINT (Paradox) | Comic Lore and History REVISTITED

INTRODUCTION “There’s only one thing I know about life. I know some things happen by chance. And some things happen because we make them happen. Barry Allen was once haunted by the past. But when he became the Flash, he left the ghosts behind. He found love. A family. And for the first time ...

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REVIEW: Superman & Lois – Season 3, Episode 12, “Injustice”

I saw the title “Injustice” a couple of months back on IMDb and wondered if Superman & Lois’ third season was going to get much, much bigger by the end. It hasn’t, at least not in the way that title would imply. But “Injustice” does feel like it’s upped the ante for the show, as &h...

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