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Side Scrollers Stopped on YouTube While Talking Politics in Gaming

It’s not paranoia if they’re really out to get you. Today on Side Scrollers, the video gaming podcast hosted by Stuttering Craig and the Blabbering Collector, Craig and Blabs were joined by guests BX and Gothix to discuss some disturbing current events. BX is an independent investigator who was ...

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PlayStation Employee Tries to Cancel RGT 85

The entirely too familiar relationship between video game companies and games journalists is becoming clearer. YouTuber and gamer RGT 85, whose real name is Shawn (which he says in the video), recently discovered that PlayStation and Kotaku tried to deplatform him because he disagreed with – I’m...

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Stuttering Craig Wants to Take Games Back

The rot in the video game industry and the journalists who cover it has reached critical mass. Apathy is rapidly fading in lieu of anger, and with it, a restlessness to do something about it. Stuttering Craig, co-founder of ScrewAttack, current host of the Side Scrollers podcast, and lifelong gamer...

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