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Anne Hathaway Says Christopher Nolan Saved her Career

The fairy tale almost ended before it began for the star of The Princess Diaries. In a recent interview with Vanity Fair (which is behind a paywall, so these quotes come courtesy of Variety), Anne Hathaway talked about how her career was almost ruined, only to be saved by Christopher Nolan. This st...

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Blue Beetle Director Pitched Bane Origin Movie

Angel Manuel Soto had a different idea for his DC Universe debut. The director of the upcoming Blue Beetle told Den of Geek that when Warner Bros. called him about a DC project, he didn’t realize they already had one in mind and pitched them several ideas. One of those was a Bane origin movie. &he...

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Whatever Gotham Needs Him to Be

Batman, like most comic characters, has gone through many different phases and versions over his seventy-seven-year history, from dark avenger to silly goofball to a sort of swashbuckling adventurer, with many different shades mixed in. His cinematic exploits have followed suit, portraying him alter...

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