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Disney+ Offering Extra Perks as Disney+ Day Approaches

Tomorrow is this year’s Disney+ Day, which in the past has meant little unless you like brief making-of documentaries or mediocre TV movies. However, this year, Disney is beefing up the benefits of a subscription with perks like AMC theater screenings, theme park rewards, and discounted cruise...

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Disney to Offer Amazon Prime Alternative

Disney has confirmed reports that it’s working on a premium membership plan, not unlike Amazon Prime. Such a service would boost subscriptions to Disney’s streaming services, sales of Disney merchandise, and even visits to their theme parks. However, a source within the company has differentiate...

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RUMOR: Walt Disney World May Drop “Walt”

There have been accusations and allegations against Walt Disney for a long time now. He lived decades ago in a very different world, and films like Peter Pan and Dumbo contain racial insensitivities that wouldn’t appear if they were made today. Some of the more popular claims involve antisemit...

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Disney World Ends Mask Mandate

Good news, Disney Park fans! Disney World JUST dropped their mask mandate completely! Disney World updated its website today to reflect that masks are now optional at the Walt Disney World Resort, regardless of vaccination status. Up to this point, masks were still required on Disney Transportation,...

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Popular Disney Experience Ruined

Anyone who knows anything about the Disney Parks knows that part of the high pricing is the experience that comes with it. That’s what a lot of us are paying for, and it’s why we don’t mind shelling out lots of money to take a Disney vacation. It’s not just a bunch of theme p...

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People With Nothing Better To Do Want Funny Shirts BANNED From Disney World

It may be a small world after all, but hopefully, it wasn’t a small ride. In case you thought there was any fun left to be had at Disney theme parks, this couple, simply expressing their free speech, wore “I Gave Her The D” and “I Wanted The D” t-shirts to Disney World. No one …

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