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Steven Yeun Leaves Thunderbolts

Marvel’s next superteam is down one member. Deadline reports that Steven Yeun has exited the upcoming MCU film Thunderbolts due to “scheduling conflicts” created by production delays in the wake of the actors’ strike. Yeun was set to play Sentry, a hugely powerful hero from the comics. Thun...

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Monarch: Legacy of Monsters Trailer Brings Mayhem to AppleTV+

The monsters are coming! AppleTV+ has released a trailer for Monarch: Legacy of Monsters, the upcoming TV series set in the “Monsterverse” – the universe established in the Legacy films starting with 2004’s deceptively named Godzilla. And the show seems perfectly aware that this is Godzilla�...

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AppleTV+ Releases Images and Details from Monsterverse Series

Godzilla is taking the small screen. AppleTV+ has revealed details about its upcoming show set in the “Monsterverse” – the universe of the Legendary films featuring Godzilla and King Kong. The show will be called Monarch: Legacy of Monsters, and will take place after 2014’s Godzilla, and wil...

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REVIEW: The Falcon and the Winter Soldier – Episode 4 “The Whole World is Watching”

With “The Whole World is Watching,” The Falcon and the Winter Soldier continues to continue. That’s all it feels like at this point; it’s going through its paces to get to the end. There are bland characters (some of whom used to be fun and cool), weak humor, dull conversations written by pe...

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