A disturbing trend in manga/anime: demons with human girls

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    This is something I’ve noticed recently when looking at new manga volumes on Amazon, and that’s working its way into anime, that there are a few stories about some kind of demon lord who is romancing a human young lady or even a young girl.


    I remember seeing some clips of the anime I’m The Villainess, So I’m Taming The Final Boss, which seems to be about an isekaied human woman and a demon lord ending up in love.


    A couple of other titles I can think of with similar romantic overtones would be His Majesty The Demon King’s Housekeeper and I Guess I Became The Mother Of The Demon Kings 10 Children In Another World (something could be said about these insanely long titles, but that’s something for another discussion). About that last series, the cover image for volume 7 is especially disturbing, as it shows a girl who looks like she’s maybe in her mid-teens and very pregnant.


    I admit that one reason these stories bother me is some reading and watching I’ve done about the subject of Nephilim, the offspring of times when fallen angels had children with human women, something mentioned biblical in the pre-flood days but that also seems to have happened after the flood, too. What with all the other messed-up ideas being promoted nowadays, the notion of a start to some kind of “hooking up with demons is good” message doesn’t seem so far-fetched.


    So, do you think this is a serious issue, or do you think I’m seeing problems that aren’t really there?

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    Anime has always had pedo undertones. It’s part of the genre. “Pedophile” is a popular style of porn in Japan. Apparently it’s more of a fantasy thing or purity thing, but who knows. Japanese concepts of sex have always been weird as fuck.

    I don’t think the Japanese notion of demons is comparable to western concepts of demons. Besides, Japanese are 95% Atheist or irreligious. They don’t know the first thing about the bible or care about it. When they use western imagery, it’s mostly just because it’s cool and foreign to them, much like we use Katanas and Ninjas in our fiction. Anime using western Demons or goth imagery is like us making a ninja turtle. It’s harmless escapism.
    No one seriously believes in demons anyways.


      “No one seriously believes in demons anyways.”

      I think you would find billions of people who disagree with you.

      Japan as I understand it has a large population of Buddhists so the claim that there is nearly no religion in Japan is not correct. They don’t have many Christians this is true but they have a sizeable pool of Buddhists.

      As far as the Demon thing in Anime that weird stuff has been there forever.  I don’t think it’s any more harmful or anything more behind it than just shock value.  People called heavy metal in the 80’s/90’s Satanic and it really was not in general at all.  Things can get overblown.  That being said there is plenty of examples of actual Satanism in the media or lets say example of people truly appealing to what is evil.



      “No one seriously believes in demons anyways”

      I’m not trying to convince the willfully blind; if the reality around them, much less the reality within themselves, does not convince them of the reality of the demonic, then a few words on my part will be just conveniently tossed aside.

      But do stop pretending that you somehow speak for all of humanity.

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